About the Citizen Sheriff’s Academy

“Support Your County Sheriff –   Become an Informed Citizen”

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office

Mission Statement

We, the members of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office, are committed to:

  • Being responsive to all ShelbyCounty – Citizens and visitors
  • Promoting safe, secure communities
  • Promoting community partnerships
  •  Delivering quality service
  •  Affording dignity and respect to every individual
  • Improving the quality of life

The values of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office evolve around people, leadership, service, and performance. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office is also committed to:

  • Encouraging employee creativity and
  • Innovations
  • Improving the effectiveness of the  Sheriff’s Office
  • Providing the same concern, respect, caring attitude, and supportive environment for all employees that they are expected to share when contacting citizens in ShelbyCounty.

Discover What It Means to “Serve and Protect.”


The Shelby County Citizens Sheriff’s Academy provides you with an opportunity to experience the real world of law enforcement and what it takes to become a Sheriff’s Deputy.  This 12-week course (one night per week) is offered to citizens 18 years of age and older who live and/or work in ShelbyCounty. It is designed to help the public better understand the mission, operations, and functions of the Sheriff’s Office,  heighten community awareness, and improve communications between the SCSO and the communities it serves.

Through presentations and demonstrations from the deputies themselves, you will learn some of the techniques and resources they use to train for duty, from traffic stops to drug enforcement to tactical team response.

In addition to classroom instruction, you will experience live scenarios that place you right in the action. The SCSO Tactical Response Unit will demonstrate situations that they are trained to handle. From the planning stage through execution you will see how they prepare for a mission and why they use the methods and techniques they do.

You will also get the opportunity to see up close some of the weapons used by the SCSO and what it takes to use them effectively.

Plus, you will see videos of real-life situations encountered by law enforcement officers that cause you to rethink what it means for a deputy to respond to any situation.

 Hands-on Training –

In and Out of the Classroom

The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office Citizens Sheriff’s Academy will enable you to become part of the action with special activities such as a “ride-along” with a Sheriff’s Deputy, Firearms Range Day, and a tour of the CountyJail. These activities will help you gain a realistic understanding of the knowledge and skills it takes to do the job of a Sheriff’s Deputy.


    •  SCSO Organization and Staffing
    •  Laws and the Court System
    •  Corrections
    •  Vehicle Stops / Pursuits / DUI
    •  Accident Investigations
    • Criminal Investigations
    •  Drug Task Force
    • Tactical Response Unit
    • AL Firearms Laws and Safety Training

For an application and course information, contact the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office website at http://www.myshelbyso.com/FirearmsSafety/Pages/CitizenSheriffsAcademy.aspx